Impactwear® Limb Protectors

Care should be taken to protect frail skin by wearing Impactwear® Limb Protectors


As our skin becomes thin and frail with age, it can be easily bruised or torn by minor accidents around the home or while working outdoors. These injuries often take considerable time to heal and require frequent dressing. Wearing Impactwear® Limb Protectors can help reduce these injuries and allow you to continue your daily activities.

Impactwear® Limb Protectors are protective garments for the arms and legs made of a skin tone fabric with soft flexible gel padding concealed on the inside for comfort and protection.

They are light and comfortable to wear and can be worn uncovered by clothing or under clothing without a bulky appearance.

The new seamless style with greater stretch means they are easy to put on and take off and will accommodate any swelling or poor mobility in the ankles and wrists.

They come in three sizes to suit both arms and legs.

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